Did MADONNA Spit Venom In DRAKE’s Direction Regarding That Coachella “Kissident”?

Like a bit of a pinch of passive aggressiveness—that need to get that subtle diss in…one such (if carefully projected) you can like: ease on out of owning up to your bullsh|t because what you said carries a plethora of meanings [affording you a way out like such]: “Hey boo, of course I wasn’t meaning that in any snide way about you! No way!

Well. Although the kiss felt around the world–where the Take A Bow singer lip locked rapper Drake onstage at Coachella Music Festival a few weeks ago (while performing her song Human Nature) the rapper’s reception to the kiss……..could have had a plethora of meanings, too (depending on who you asked).



Just to clear up any confusion however, Drake did confirm that it was her lip gloss that wasn’t not poppin’ –NOT her kiss.


Well although we hadn’t heard from Madonna about the kisscident, now was just as good a time as any right?



So the pop queen guest starred on Saturday Night Online Live with Romeo where she participated in a chat session #AskAnythingChat where, (around the 2:11 through 2:23 and the 8:04 through 8:13 markers of the video)—well..you can discern whether or not you think it was a diss or no.

I won’t even quote it. I will let you listen on your own:





Regardless, the self-proclaimed #unapologeticbitch and #rebelheart got quite the tongue-lashing from a few of Miss Drake’s fans:

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