Comedianne LUENELL Does Radio Interview This Morning On Her Innocent Video Blab Gone Viral Regarding Rapper TRINA Being Preggers

Well this weekend, we reported the sad news that occurred during Tom Joyner’s annual Fantastic Voyage Cruise, now in sails the awkward (or bad?) news–depending on how you look at it.

It’s only awkward (or bad news) if you self-moniker yourself as “Tha Baddest B|tch” and someone mistakes you as being preggers (and you really aren’t pregnant)—at that,


…then there’s some ‘splaining to do—from either side.


So here’s what happened.

While performing aboard the cruise ship, Luenell (who too, was there) posted a pic to her Instagram of the rapper performing and posted the caption:

“TRINA!!!!! Go girl!!! Yup she’s preggo! She’s still lookin’ pretty smoking’ Hot if you ask ME!


The rapper best known for coining “You Don’t Know Nan” ’s reps deny that she is pregnant, and although comedianne Luenell did send an apology yesterday (4/21/15)


…since that, she did a radio interview (this April 22, 2015 morning during the 8 a.m hour) and she stands by what she said for, as a comedian of over 23 years, she has never apologized for telling a joke and didn’t intend on starting now.



However, she stands by the fact that what she said was indeed not a joke and simply thought Trina looked good to be pregnant and standing up there performing in stilletto’s doing her thing-it was a compliment instead.

She also asserted [quote]
“If she (Trina)’s not pregnant then I’m not either.” [sic] [unquote]


This isn’t the first time Trina’s be in the news for possibly being preggers though, so:


We’re guessing what she had to say about it last time, applies this time too:

trina_old_IG_regarding rumors

I’m guessing we all can now get up out of her cervix now-wondering who left what, where.

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