Quip Queen CHRISSY TEIGEN Blasts Miss Universe Organization For Their Lack of Diversity – While 2016 Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay Is Exposed For ‘N’ Word Use & Lack of Cultural Diveristy


…We second that emotion and share the same sentiment as Chrissy.


Regardless the pageant, (or politics), should there have been one pre Internet/social media mishap (and especially since the birth of) if it’s ‘out there,’ it will be found and published.

Nobody is exempt for having her past come pounding at her door anymore.

Just ask Miss Teen USA pageant winner Karlie Hay who, just after being crowned, was hung out there with her old tweets circulating and replicating.

The tweets show where she sought attention thought it was ‘cute’ to use the ‘n’ repeatedly.

Her tweets show her using the traditional racist term/use/context/spelling [of]: “nigger.” Another tweet showed that the pageant winner demonstrated her “talent” for understanding the context of the term of endearment (among some): [my] “nigga.”

Either way, neither context is acceptable—not even among all the “like.” It’s always up for debate and only endeared to the beholder.

Mis Teen USA 2016 critic

The bottom line however, is that Hay tweeted such senselessness and even took it as far as using the word “house nigger”—just to be clear.

Karle Hay's tweets

Fast forward.

Life comes at you fast and here we are-two to three years later.

Karlie Hay wins the Miss Teen USA pageant last night-amongst the other top 5 ‘diverse’ pageant contestants.

The win was bittersweet as, minutes later, she was proven to be no more culturally diverse than the sameness as uncovered by the quip queen herself: Chrissy Teigen:



Many wondered just how the pageant organization could be so unorganized so as to not do a thorough search of the contestant’s tweets by which she, herself, did apologize.


Well say hello to 2016 and the new PR being

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