Change For a Dollar: Fresh Out of Rehab KE$HA Drops Dollar Sign from Her Name

If you remember, our girl Ke$ha checked herself into Timberknolls Rehab Center in Illinois-not necessarily for the usual: drugs or alcohol; she checked herself in for a little R & R & R: (rest, relaxation and to re-learn and love herself all over again). Right out of rehab, Other Side of the Fame is happy to report that our girl is back on top of the world after voluntarily pulling herself back from it.

Bc3cWZcCQAAPWXZ The “Tick Tock” pop star felt it was time—time to make changes. And a part of that change was to drop that dollar sign from her stage name: Ke$ha: stat!

I know some of you probably think that’s either silly or pointless, but I’m here to tell you: sometimes you have “Feng Shui” more than just your furniture and atmosphere to create centeredness-you have to the do it in other areas of your life no matter how silly or pointless it may seem—even down to changing your personal self-talk and verbiage. Whatever you have to do to set your mind, heart, and spirit (just like changing your body through diet and nutrition) you have to do it-it’s the same thing. Change is more than physical. So fresh out of rehab, I’m all for Ke$ha being Kesha now.

At a glance: “Ke$ha” is dynamic and fiery-has the look of “hustle” or hustling something/s that brings currency and perhaps just that is what overtook Kesha’s being-her entire existence. And perhaps she lost herself (Kesha) when she became “Ke$ha.”

Hello rehab.

BiFx842CEAEdBXQBefore entering treatment, Kesha did explain that she was always a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself but admitted she found it hard to practice-understandably and especially in the life/lifestyle that she lives where so many people expect so many different things-and people-of one little “you,” (whoever that may call for you to “be” on any given day).

Fast forward.

Obviously, she’s feeling back to her self now-a self that she was a crusader for and now she’s on that journey.

Upon completing treatment far away from the lifestyle and where Kesha’s gotten used to, the 27 year-old singer took to Twitter and changed her Twitter handle from “Ke$haSuxx” to KeshaRose-something much softer, pleasant, and representative of a “blossoming” perhaps?

“Happy to be back! Feeling healthy and working on tons of new music” tweeted the revitalized pop star.

Well we at Other Side of the Fame wish Kesha well going forward and as well-new music.

Source: Huffington Post

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