Canadian Pair: Melina Roberce, 22, and Isabelle Lagace, 28 , Caught in 95 Kilo/209lb Drug Bust in Australia – Face Life In Prison

“I-i mate!…was most probably the Aussie-spoken words two Canadian women heard after a tap on the shoulder changed their lives in ways they never imagined.

This all comes as a culture shock of course, to me because it’s so reminiscent of girls (not me) who were about that kinda life sometime back in the late 90s.

For an attractive girl, rarely did an attractive guy (who actually had unusual things) live a straight and narrow life. They always had something going on and either dated girls they’d do wonderful things only a girl could dream about or—she tooks trips and worked for having things her friends would envy and girls would dream about.


Fast forward, such was the life now turned case of 28 year-old Isabelle Lagace and 22 year-old Melina Roberce.


While like many girls on Instagram who freeze frame themselves vacationing and doing things they fantasize of being the envy of, Isabelle and Melina were no different than they.


They were however, different than some of the girls rumored to freeze frame themselves on these lavish, and adventured filled vacays. Many them are plagued with rumors and insinuations that their (sudden) new lifestyle was courtesy of flying out to Dubai to hook up with rich, dirty old buzzers defecating, degrading and reducing them to submitting to ungodly things for a large fee.

Although Melina and Isabelle did it the old school way (traveling and trafficking to earn your keep), one common denominator was still the same: The old buzzard-Andre Tamine-aged 63 (no Instagram for us to reference on him however).

Although the girls got a chance to sashay all around the world and post themselves in string bikini’s to prove it, their excursion got cut short when they were found to have smuggled $23-30 million dollars worth of cocaine—that part didn’t make itself onto either of their Instagram squares but the cameras from the news freeze-framed it.


Drugs seized on cruise ship

Source: The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection Service Image Library


Australian authorities were shocked and claimed that to have 95 kilos of powder cocaine in your possession, one had to be very “organized.”



Although one of the girls was known to only work at a mere coffee house (Bureau de Poste café) in Quebec. Aussie Border command Clive Murray believes  that a bust of this magnitude was more than enough proof that the pair now worked for a syndicate.

…(much too busy for coffee houses anymore)


He warned: “These syndicates should be on notice that the Australian Border Force is aware of all of the different ways they attempt to smuggle drugs into our country and we are working with a range of international agencies to stop them.”

…(she is right about that one)


At any rate.

Reportedly, a crime like such carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.


Regardless if they get life or the lesser, when they’re 40 and older and exiting prison; their Instagram squares will be right there to greet them-having held onto the memories of their trips to South America, Times Square, Cuba, Ecuador and elsewhere—adorned with Instagram disses like where Lagace captioned a photo:

“Eat, beach, sleep, repeat,”

to which another Instagrammer replied:

“eat, beach, yard time, repeat, #prison.”

…“ichasefatkids96 Hahahaha dumb hoes from my town ??? i saw them a couple times. Now pass go do not collect 200$ AND GO TO JAIL STUPID MULE. Those prison bitches will make sure to collect moments with you guys. Cheers from montreal


Smh. It’s so cold in the I-G. So, so cold.

And well. Here’s my


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