BRITTNEY GRINdER: Newly Single BRITTNEY GRINER Seen Grinding w/Woman in Nightclub After GLORY JOHNSON’s Request for Spousal Support Denied

Griner and Johnson

After Brittney Griner having received one blow to the chest even after successfully getting a divorce under “dissolution of marriage” [still being court-ordered responsible to co-parent the twins being carried by her now estranged ex wife Glory Johnson] there’s much to celebrate since that mid-August ruling we reported to yous.

Footage is circulating the net showing Griner doing her last name [without the ‘d’] but bumping and being the grinder up on some woman’s butt nonetheless.

Although she may not have the ‘d’, she certainly had the moves as if…as grinder Griner could be shown putting them on some woman backed into her at what looks like a club as 90s rapper Vicious’ song “[Some Girl-Are] Freaks” (no pun intended) played overhead.

Brittney has much to celebrate about these days as, on August 20th, Glory Johnson’s request for spousal support (in addition to Griner being court ordered made to co-parent the unborn children) was blocked and denied.

ESPN says a (female) Maricopa County Arizona judge-Jacki Ireland

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