BOBBI KRISTINA’s Husband NICK GORDON Arrested for Slamming Vehicle into Fire Hydrant & Driving Under Suspended License


BOBBI KRISTINA AND MOM_THE LATE WHITNEY HOUSTIN OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME_Photo Credit_ Steve Granitz_Wire ImageTalk about a throwback and having something in common…

If there was a name or title for it, An Imitation of Life would fit perfectly.

No-not like “An Imitation of Life” (like the movie about a woman whose bi racial daughter was insecure about her two races such that she fought her mom tooth and nail to defy her black side in order to “pass” and live life as a white woman), but rather, an imitation of life such that (from looking in on the presentation to the world), the late Whitney Houston’s daughter (Bobbi Kristina) is imitating her life like once-upon-a time—long ago when she was young, wild, rebellious and in love with R&B singer and bad boy Bobby Brown (Bobbi Kristina’s dad).


It’s uncanny.

images (5)If you don’t know already, Bobbi Kristina is in a relationship (forbidden by the ones who know and love her), and flat out disgusting to the ones who don’t (and are just looking on: the public)-because her boyfriend (slash) fiance (Nick Gordon) is the lawfully unofficial adopted son of the late Whitney Houston who (according to Bobbi Kristina) had her blessings when the young couple went from almost bro and sis to: girlfriend-boyfriend (and now: husband and wife).

BOBBI KRISTINA AND NICK GORDON OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME_Photo Credit_ Kristina Bumphrey_StarTraksWell since the death of the late singer, and even before the reality show: The Houston’s-On Our Own-we’ve gotten more than our share of Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina’s life behind the camera: from family in-fighting, to the couple allegedly eloping to get married, and other bouts on social media displays of affection, insistence, and rebellion.


This time, like mirroring the life of Bobbi Kristina’s very own dad (when he was in love with her mom-the late Whitney Houston) Gordon was arrested in Roswell, Georgia.

Although a breathalyzer test was not administered on-site, as a result of slamming his vehicle into a fire hydrant-causing the BMW to flip over; it was suspected that Gordon was driving under the influence.

As well, it was discovered that he was driving on a suspended driver’s license (according to our friends over at TerMiteZ).

If there is any more to learn about this Nicky-Bobby situation, we will pass it along.

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