{Bae Watch} PAMELA ANDERSON’s Recidivism Rate: Filed For Divorce & Hubby Back in Less Than 30 Days


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I absolutely looooooooooooooooooooove and adore this picture. It’s sooooooooo my goof kinda fun with the Bae.

…Think you got a bae?…As it turns out, you’d better:

  • think again
  • take notes

Pamela Anderson and Surfboard OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEand

  • bae watch the Bay Watch beauty Pamela Anderson—because she’s got that certain something that keeps her baes coming back to ride her surfboard and ride–again and again.

(We’re gonna leave adding her rocker slash bae-bies daddy Tommy Lee off the roster, but dually note that like Anderson’s current boo: Rick Saloman, her rate of recidivism is unmatched-hands DOWN, yo).

Pamela Anderon and Rick Saloman Photo Credit Splash News OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEIn less than one month [and from beneath our very own eyes, because as last we checked—and blogged about it, these two had just tied the knot], but according to our sources, sometime in between that time we shared the news of their getting hitched and July 3, Pamela gave herself a nice belated birthday present: filed hubby Rick Saloman’s walking papers, stating [the Hollywood norm]: “Irreconcilable Differences.”

Anderson’s rep told Entertainment Tonight: “We are confirming our client: Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from her husband Rick Salomon. We ask that the media please respect Pamela and her family’s privacy during this time.”

Well right about now that need for privacy and those irreconcilable differences have is now inseparable missin’ as the two shared private time away in Sardina, Italy this past weekend-boo’d up.

Mostly famous for his sex tape with Paris Hilton titled: “One Night in Paris,” Salomon, was just mentioned as Paris’ reason for mistrusting men again after [what she still claims] was a private moment, became public-courtesy of him.

Pamela Anderon and Rick Saloman Photo Richard Young_Rex USA OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEAnderson, who originally married Saloman in 2007, got the marriage annulled just two months later and then remarried him this past January, [filed for divorce on July 3]

Pamela Anderon and Rick Saloman in Italy Photo Credit Splash News OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME














…and is now on some boat in Italy–most probably with some dude named Gino Scradgagadagachi [or something like that] at the tip of it with an oar; sailing the couple off into the sunset, we’re guessing.




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