AUGUST ALSINA Under Fire For Groping & Riding Down Woman’s Breasts Live On Stage + For Years, JANET JACKSON Did Too – Is There A Double Standard?

It’s like that child’s play game we all played (and sang):

“I can’t see.

I can’t see.

If I knock you down don’t you blame it on me!”

August Alsina going blind pic August Alsina going blind

While it was just a few months ago R&B singer August Alsina went public about nearly going blind and undergoing a barbaric looking procedure to prevent that from happening, perhaps …“If I feel you down don’t you blame it on me,” is the what he’s copping to after feeling down a female fan—just LIKE a blind man.



Taken place at the FreeBandz Festival this past Friday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, although the moment was live on stage and (for a brief second) caught the woman by surprise; the singing heart throb didn’t miss a beat while serenading the lady positioned sitting in a chair while he stood behind her—with dark glasses as his left hand just…slipped right on down her bosom to explored the sitting object.

He merely continued to crooned as if he was merely checking to make sure this was indeed a woman he was straddled behind.

Janet face straddles fan

While many are riding Alsina for such an act, no one dared stepped to Janet who not only set up her favorite S&M apparatus and strapped her willing victims down, but changed into complete dominatrix costume and (as seen in the first 18 seconds of the below video) hog-tied, groped, straddled and rode her male fans nightly for about a year or so without incident—other than countless breathless boys having parties in their pants.>

jan and fan2Jan and fan

File: Eddie Murphy “Trading Places”

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