ANGELA SIMMONS’ Black-Handed Compliment Backfires


The fashionista’s humble attempt at helping an Instagrammer  was just…humbling…to say the least.

download (1)The Good Reverend Rapper may have a knack for rhymes and offering good advice and quotes, but Jesus didn’t equip the father (slash) legend (slash) pastor with the power to lay hands on that talent and ability for his daughter: Socialite, Mogulita and Fashionista Angela Simmons.

angela-simmons-3The AngelaiAm designer recently [had allegedly] replied to a question that was proposed to her by a fellow Instagrammer and fan in which [although Angela’s humble attempt at answering the question the ‘Angela Simmons;’ type-a-way] shined down; the back-handed attempt to uplift actually sunk and didn’t go over to well as it went a little something like this:

 fakeangelasimmons acount 


angelasimmonsrepliesWell, say no more because the G’s must’ve made its way back around to the Mogulista as she took to Instagram to let her followers know that the faux pas was indeed a fake [and that she was certainly no Angela Sherice at suggesting or answering questions about such things].

No-that is all my joking there, but just to reiterate (to those who didn’t get the G’s on the update Angela Simmons offered in response to the fake account); she’s quite alright with being the Good Reverend Rapper’s daughter, a Socialite, a Mogulita and a Fashionista. 

Well, thank GOD Angela responded to this because she narrowly escaped the Other Side of the Fame’s “Oh Gah Faux Pas Files!”

Since she did clear this up, we’ll go on and throw this blog over into where it belongs now: “Popular Culture (Lifestylesm Social Media, Worldwide Popular Culture, too”

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