An ENVOGUE Christmas Premiers Tonight on Lifetime


Get out your beehive buns and bangs, sheer-sleeved blouses and sexy-the 90s femme fatales of EnVogue are debuting their movie An EnVogue Christmas on the Lifetime Channel tonight (not exactly a biopic though).

Although the original members:

Original EnVogueDawn Robinson

Maxine Jones

…along with

Cindy Herron

Terry Ellis…

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..are no longer; Cindy Herron, Terry Ellis, and new member Rhona Barrett will star in the movie tonight (which excludes any and all traces of Dawn Robinson’s existence with EnVogue):


…but not without incident as, former group member Dawn Robinson (who I share FBF’s with) yesterday, just posted about how proud she was to have spoken her peace in an interview which will air on TMZ on Monday 11.24.14.

Proud of my TMZ interview! Funny, the haters are awfully quiet right now…See, I even had Maxines back smh lol! Love 2 everyone who believed in me xo -Dawn Robinson

I don’t think her issue is with the girls as much as it is with Lifetime (who allowed the movie to be aired with any all all traces of her existence with EnVogue). But reportedly Dawn gave up any and all rights to her legacy with the group back in 1997.

“I have no interest in watching it. It looks horrible. I’m sad for them. After seeing the Aaliyah biopic, I’m extremely worried that this is going to be a train wreck.” -Dawn Robinson

Over the years however, there had been rumors and he-say, she-say about why the group disbanded, unfortunately.

These ladies were all that we young girls aspired to look like, sing like and dress like. They brought us sass and ladylike class as little and young girls so, it’s unfortunate to know that they disbanded.

I loved them ALL. Their music is TIMELESS!

In spirit of the movie however, check out recent pic of Cindy Herron and her family as well as stills from the movie tonight ( ↑ right above these paragraphs) + the trailer for it (atop the OSF big screen)

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BarnstableBrownPartyCelebrating135thKentuckyf4Lr228Jivvl_zpsd543ede0Also, share with me one of my favorite EnVogue songs that at one time strummed my pain and sang my life with its words that still today-I LOVE. They have such sass:

Enjoy my other EnVogue fave. I mean Dawn just…. *bites my knuckle*

She SINGS this song man. We had quite an interesting exchange about it before…

EnVogue. I tell ya…those were THE GIRLS. As an adult woman now…I REALLY miss them together. They inspired us to be “ladies” and had us wanting to dress like ladies–even to take the trash out. LoL.

For the record it was rumored that the group had broken (on bad terms) up when Dawn did her project with Lucy Pearl (w/Raphael Saadiq of Tony, Tony, Tone’) on that HOT HOT jam that STILL knocks today “Dance Tonight” (from the Love and Basketball soundtrack) but that wasn’t so. She was merely expanding her musical horizons.

The aboveshown pics up top are of all the ladies together (at the Trumpet Awards) as recently as 2008/2009.

dawn-robinson-of envogue_RNB DIVAMost recently, Dawn did reality tv: R&B Divas on TVOne.










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