untitled  Everybody knows Alice-most memorably standing in front of that brick wall surrounding that big silver in/above ground stove to the left of where she slumbered-on the popular, timeless, sitcom affectionately known as The Brady Bunch.

Alice, whose boyfriend was Sam the butcher (slash) meat man on the sitcom (and whose main role on the show was the live-in housekeeper) bit the dust just recently, and unfortunately.

According to sources, Alice, 88, whose real name was Ann B. Davis; died on Sunday in San Antonio Texas after never regaining consciousness from a slip and fall in which she hit her head while in the bathroom.

Created by writer Sherwood Schwartz, The Brady Bunch aired from September 1969 through March 1974 and after spending one year in syndication, from there, was followed by several reunion films and series spinoffs.

imagesT70EU22M The Brady Bunch premise was about an architect father of three sons that married a woman who, herself had three daughters.


untitled_____Davis earned center spot of the notorious Brady family square that would air at the beginning and end of the each show.

Besides The Brady Bunch, Davis won two Emmy awards for her role playing secretary Schultzy on The Bob Cummings Show in the 70’s.

untitled  An avid knitter, Davis told People Magazine in an interview in 1992 that she and the Brady clan got along beautifully to the extent of even having them “hooking rugs” and the girls “doing needlepoint.”

Additionally, the popular television housekeeper and caregiver mentioned [that in real-life] “I basically don’t do well with children.”

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