#Oscars Snafu: “You Told Harpo To BE Me?!” Blog TOTAL BEAUTY Mis-takes a Tatted WHOOPI GOLDBERG For OPRAH WINFREY

So Whoopi and Oprah meet again, huh?

‘Harpo’ spelled backwards has nothing on this switchup.

If last night’s [quote] “Snafu” [end quote] was anything like last night, instead of Oprah, it’d be Whoopi Goldberg bursting through the cornfields begging the question:

“You told Harpo to beat BE me!?”


Last night’s Oscar’s Twitter moment yielded a Taraji P. Henson / Adam Levine moment where all across Twitter Henson was drunk tweeting and got Adam Levine mixed up with Chris Martin.

Well here we are a few weeks later and somebody behind the Twitter page of beauty blog Total Beauty managed to kill two birds with one stone: Mistake Whoopi Goldberg for being Oprah (and get a bit of some free viral PR in the process of the “Snafu”).

While live tweeting last night, the blog’s account holder saw Whoopi on the red carpet and questioned (who she thought was) “Oprah” having a tattoo (that she never knew Oprah had).

“We had no idea Oprah was tatted and we love it. #Oscars”


Well turns out, that tattooed darling was non other than Whoopi Goldberg. And in opulent style and class as was

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