5 Reasons Why MEEK MILL Cannot Come Back For DRAKE

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Via a recent diss track called Back To Back


…as you all may well know Comeback Season rapper Drake’s done come back to back by dropping not 1, but 2 diss tracks on rapper Meek Mill such that here we are-knocking on four days in and it’s got Mill looking every bit like five dollar having talked a foot long of cash money: shit.


He’s smart thought (by not coming back for the rapper because in reality, he dissed Drake in a sentence-not a song)-by claiming rapper Drake didn’t writing his own.

Well Drake did what a real artist should do: Dissed Meek [in song] as, subtweeting, and Twitter thugging is for the lame and never been apart of Drake’s claim to fame.

images (22)Respectively, what Meek dished a diss about, rapper Drake dished a diss out and about.

Both did what each does.


As we’ve seen with Wale and Joe Budden, Twitter thugging has been Meek Mill’s thing. Not calling him lame (per se)–but studies have shown that that is how Meek disses: on Twitter.

We have yet to see Drake thumb-thug and sub.

That being the case, as far as I’m concerned they’re kinda even:

Drake ethered. And Meek has yet to respond—to either [of the two drops Drake spit].

Meek is smarter than we are giving him credit for. He simply did what he does. And well…Drake simply did what he does.

At any rate…

Let’s list the reasons why Meek Mill (or any rapper) cannot come for Comeback Season rapper Drake, shall we?

(P.S LoL at that pose looking like Cain’s pose right before he swung on Ileena’s cousin in “Menace To Society”)

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Swing on this:

5 Reasons Why MEEK MILL Cannot Come Back For DRAKE

  • Like Meek, Drake wears his heart on his sleeve however………….it’s always on wax-never on Twitter. That being the case, to do a diss track, one would have to scour his catalog and just…find something to pick at him with (which would be redundant and too lyrically ear-masturbatory): we’ve heard and know about all that.


  • In piggybacking off #1…the problem with that is: Despite wearing his heart on his sleeve (on wax), other than for photo ops and all things pertaining to the Drake brand and image, Drake’s never been seen boo’d up with and officially cuffed with either subject he raps about-which gives him the option to leave his audience feeling these were all casualties of art. He’s made off like a magician with that. It’s uncanny.


  • Drake keeps his industry friends and his in the streets friends separate.That being the case, unlike Meek (who obviously holds fellow rappers in high regard enough that he would he expect their support), Drake quite the homie and “friends” for the camera and on wax [with his industry friends] with a special emphasis “on the camera.” It is only his in the street friends i.e 40, Chubbs, Nico etc., that could SUCCESSFULLY do a Drake diss track. The problem with that is: They don’t rap and work with and/or for Drake. So we got nothing there. Moving on.


  • Unlike most, Drake doesn’t play on Twitter and social media. Let’s face it. Social media is a place where unless you’re really busy with much to do that [even still requires you be online most times], for the most part, social media is a breeding ground for assumptions and suppositions—even for the self-proclaimed “positives” of it. The greatest majority of the “conversing” is derived from suppositions and pulse-checking rather than actual dialogue and conversation. The culture of a great majority of social media thirsts for checking pulses and gauging emotions online about what is or is not going on in and with one another’s lives. As for Drake, a squig of his Drake’s timeline just leaves one thirsty. So…nothing to work with or get material from whence to be inspired from here. Carry on.


  • If you carefully read numbers 1 through 4…there’s nothing really to work with here in order to grab material to diss Drake with. In addition to that, the jokes of him being a pretty boy with no ketchup sandwiches and hardship stories to rap about-and having come straight from DeGrassi to MySpace to busting onto the rap scene has gotten old. Lyrically, he’s proven himself worthy and can hang with the best of the best, and the toughest of the toughest. As well, without it ever being spoken, he’s proven himself to be one of first in the game to show that “relevant” thuggish/testosterone-filled, hardcore rap (slash) storytelling right along with the rappers raised on ketchup sandwiches. And he manages to still tell these same stories with (often times) misogynistic content conducive to hip hop culture (like that of the same rappers with hard core street stories). If he was fake and found out, this would be the only area from whence material for a diss track can be written.


All that said, don’t blame Meek. His inability to come up with a rap rebuttal has ZERO to do with his skill. He just has nothing to work with-that’s all.

It’s like my mom always told me:  You cannot squeeze blood from a turnip.

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