For The Cost of a Little Modest House For You, Singer MONICA Throws A Big “Fresh Prince Themed” Party for Her Pre-Tween


Sending out invitations and placing phone calls and gathering ‘round a buttery smelling cake-watching the babies blow out candles and bent downward to meeting the icing on their noses is so 2000.

It’s 2015 and it must come with a theme.



The ‘gram (in that regard) is for those who can step their game up so, for those of us still doing it like 2000, keep it sacred and filed in the photos of your phone but live vicariously through what a $70,000 “Fresh Prince” theme party at the Georgia Aquarium complete with a 4-course meal, magicians, cookies, candy, rides, slides, and all other kinds of shenanigans, manatees, sea-urchins and mounds of cotton candy and face painting galore looks like for a pre-tween.

R & B singer and wife of sports player Shannon Brown, Monica threw one for her son’s 10th birthday and several rambunctious and excited kids.




Fun for them, is a little modest house to you.

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