Rapper FUTURE “Reacts” To CIARA Fan Mob – CIARA ‘Kiss(es) & Tell(s)’

Birdville has finally pecked at rapper Future for long enough time since Ciara’s date last night with NFL quarterback Russell Wilson (with whom she has been seen publicly with, and linked to for a little less than two weeks now).

With enough henpecks at his social media accounts and constant lines of football emoji’s saturating his IG comments (even down through his posts as long as two months ago),



Future must have felt it was high time he say something.

If we are to go with what he posted (and the masses pieced together) from his timeline:

“I wish I cared”


“Yall mad as shit”


…as being directly related to Ciara dating someone else + his saying what he wanted to say them, then it’s safe to safe that was indeed “reaction”—something everybody was waiting on.

One tweet for people henpecking at him (“Yall mad as shit..”)

And one about Ciara moving on (“I wish I cared”)

To all the henpecking, I say this:

If all those comments with football emoji’s bombarding Future’s IG comments translate into record sales for Ciara’s album due to drop on May 4, then she will do quite alright I reckon.

Even better if all these fans showing support for her in this way-post pics of iTunes receipts showing “paid” (for her entire long awaited CD) then I’m sure she will have made enough to be the happy, self-sufficient baby-momma all her fans are routing for her to be.



In the meantime however, in support of that, check out Ciara’s snippet of her song called “Dance Like We’re Making Love” where, given the singer’s past-when she first stepped on the scene—hon-ey-child…she was doing JUST that!


When Ciara first stepped onto the scene and working her hips-she had a fan in me!

I will never forget how it would soooo funny watching Ciara dance during award shows etc., and the looks on people’s faces (appalled-trying to hold their thoughts) were classic!




I used to be sitting there laughing and shouting: “She is APPALLING YALL!”

Oh, it was soooo hilarious to me. The industry was kind of caught off-guard by some tall, slender chick gyrating like such but actually dancing, too.

It was a safe mixture of sex, vulgarity, slightly hedonistic and actual, good, dance technique that nobody had done in this way-nobody. I used to LOVE it (and watching people’s faces) when she’d perform live on stage at these shows.


But this video right here….let me tell you.

When that girl started sneaking and bouncing up on that car while dancing on her knees…mannnn she killed the game! That was dance-art that can’t be duplicated!

I’m still tickled by this today–how she climbs up on that-there car and goes to WORK on you all:

download (15)


She had a fan in me I tell you! (Trust me, because typically, I’m not a fan of tall women dancing like such. They’ve always seemed awkward to me: b-boy dancing/pop locking/crunking like such).



But not Ciara! She WORKED it!

At that 2:23 mark of this video…she KILLED it and won me with this video over “Goodies.”

Check her out:


At any rate. Check out her new single “Dance Like We’re Making Love”


…and too, the “Kiss and Tell”-a snippet of a single she just dropped a couple of hours ago.

Although the cartoon/digital has nothing on Ciara’s moves, check out the song!





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