About Last Night: The Curious Case of EDDIE MURPHY and SNL40

I heard somewhere before that at some point in the room, the pink elephant takes a sh|t.

It was like the curious case of Buddy Love:

…Somebody had drank the Klump formula, got rid of the Eddie Murphy we’d all grew to, or grew up loving-and therefore-come to expect tonight on SNL40.



Where did he go?

I’ll tell you:



Looking as youthful as having vampire blood fill his veins and as if he totally bathed in unicorn placenta and rosemilk; to many, the funny, beloved comedian “left his personality at home.”



Eddie Murphy made his much-anticipated ‘marquee’ entrance onto the stages of SNL showing up fashionably awkward and as virile as Axel Foley (but in a nice, blue suit): his introduction by Chris Rock lasted longer than he graced the stage and the shock and awe of it still lingers into the next day.







In counting, Eddie took to the stage in what seemed like a fragment of our imaginations before our eyes that seemed to have lasted no longer than a Vine video or .gif-leaving the world hungry for his gift of us making us all laugh for old times sake.






I mean, just Google “Eddie Murphy characters” and you’ll surely understand. The man has a body of work and comedic genius with something for everybody. Therefore, everybody was waiting on something from “Eddie Murphy.”





But there seemed to be one [problem for us that love him] that to him-is a reality:


“Eddie Murphy” (the comedian) is a full-grown man now.


And Eddie Murphy (the man) is a versatile musician that plays the piano and guitar, a recording artist, and an actor [who just so happened to be a comedian] but at this point in the game: wants to be respected (as a man, musician, recording artist, and actor) obviously.





…That’s kinda hard to do if you stand there and do “Gumby,” “Buckwheat,” or “Stevie Wonder” for old times sake.


Let’s face it: perception is everything (relative to the eye of the beholder).

And in today’s world of the world wide web and social media, whatever you were 10 years ago (before its invention) you are that magnified, scrutinized, ostracized, and personified 20 times more than ever before.

Nowadays, all you have to do is log on and you’re sure to get some kind of clownery from somebody online pretending to be, wanting to be, improvising, or really just… being something that to one person may be normal or funny, but to another-just preposterous.

So given our social media climate, we expected more “Eddie Murphy” in [at least one of his hilarious SNL characters] than we would have ever [not been so disappointed] had this same reunion happened-less then invention of real-time social media.

We wouldn’t have cared so much because in today’s social media/invention of real-time rhetoric; we are a collective of mounting opinions and conversations.

Whereas just less than ten years ago, in front of your own television in the privacy of your own home; no one could hear (or see) your opinion, or what you felt about it. The most we could get was the airwaves of the radio to sound off into the next morning…if we could get through.

The problem with fan-celebrity and what we all come to know is….all that we know: What you branded as, and how you branded.



As a celebrity, the average fan doesn’t really care that you “Mike Tyson”-the world champion with a high-pitched voice that happens to be the antithesis of your fight and might [and that] because of, it’s the routine comedic joke, don’t like being mimicked.

So the day that (the man) Mike Tyson put the word out that the next joke about his voice rolling off the next comedian’s lips-going forward, is going to meet his fist, they were taken aback (but took heed).

As a celebrity, the average fan doesn’t really care that you’re now Malcolm Jamal Warner or Keisha Knight-Pulliam as much as they remembered you as “Theo” and “Rudy.”

So the day that-that man and woman are greeted by fans that calling them ‘Rudy” and “Theo” (and are corrected) the fan is taken aback.

And that’s kind of what happened us v. with Eddie Murphy last night (while we were looking for “Eddie Murphy,” last night).



We’ll Eddie Murphy (the man and musician) started a band before he became “Eddie Murphy,” (the actor and comedian). And for a few decades, “Eddie Murphy” won our hearts with his acting and comedic genius.



And too, (why not belabor the obvious) he made many laugh even WHEN HE WASN’T TRYING TO MAKE THEM LAUGH—when he did music DURING the time he was branded and well-known as an actor and comedy genius:


…therefore, he wasn’t taken as serious.




The problem with the fans is that despite how awe-struck we all were when he dropped music last month, nobody took the time to hear what he said in several interviews last month, too.

So I’ll summarize for you what he expressed in a radio interview I heard:

Eddie Murphy, the man, is at a point in his life where he is taking his music serious. He has never put down his instruments even throughout the years of giving us “Eddie Murphy.”

“Eddie Murphy” is such a comedic genius that his great music gets drowned out and falls on deaf ears…not because it’s crap (because it’s not), but because we don’t know that guy who put this song out about two years ago with Snoop:



We don’t know him because all we know is “Eddie Murphy.”

And unfortunately, Eddie Murphy won’t be going back to doing:

  • “Gumby,”
  • “Stevie Wonder”
  • “Buckwheat”
  • “Mister Rogers”
  • “James Brown”

..and any other SNL character that he played.

Quite frankly, Eddie Murphy won’t even be going back to Axel Foley until the script is right and tight-representative of the Beverly Hills Cop that we’ve all grown to know and love.

Why? Because he (in an interview just last month) said the 3rd Beverly Hills Cop sucked-badly.

That being the case, this time around, he won’t be becoming Axel Foley for a check anymore. He will peep his head out to become Axel Foley when the next script is indicative of the Axel Foley in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise that you and I grew to love and know (see 5:00).

So right now, he (Eddie for himself) is taking it back to where it all began (for him): music. And Oh Jah Jah. Is his new song: (read his online interview).



So although everybody seemed to feel let down:



…one thing we all (male and female) were satisfied and came to agreement with was his good looks:











…And regardless of what did, and did not happen, it’s obvious now, we pretty much can all agree on Chris Rock’s statement of fact that’s definitely no joke:


The truth is, there is no ‘Next Eddie Murphy’…There’s only the one. 

I can bet that’s a fact that even Eddie is clapping for

…and laughing, today:




I’m going to keep putting tracks out, making movies and making people laugh. I’m still going to continue to be Eddie. 

 Spike TV's  "Eddie Murphy: One Night Only" - Show

Yeah, less the:

  • “Gumby,”
  • “Stevie Wonder”
  • “Buckwheat”
  • “Mister Rogers  Robinson”
  • “James Brown” etc.

Eddie’s a full-grown man…with passions beyond caricature like such.

That doesn’t mean he’s going to stop doing comedy and comedy movies and tv; it just means there are certain things in comedy he’s obviously not going to do for us again…

I know a full-grown man with ambition, or passion and a plan when I see one.


…So now you know just WHY last night-sorta happened (and didn’t).

It’s painfully obvious that the distinguished gentleman (Eddie) doesn’t want to be “that” kind of funny man anymore-just Eddie: a serious actor, musician, and recording artist  who’s still FUNNY. Period.

"Eddie Murphy: One Night Only" - Show

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