TIMBALAND Steps On The Lifetime Aaliyah Biopic That Aired Tonight


Aaliyah sang it best:

Who should be heard?

Who should be shamed?

Who should be heard?

Who should be blamed?

aaliyah_OtherSideoftheFameAs we mentioned before, the problem with doing a biopic about the beloved deceased is that often times, no one side will ever be satisfied.

Although the fans and the curious will be entertained, the critics:


…and those close to the deceased (friends or family) will never agree

or agree to disagree in peace even as the deceased rests—or at least tries to.Fatimah robinsons last pic of aaliyah hours before her death

And judgment about the effort (no matter how good or bad) will never be “right.”images

Take Timbaland for instance, who, until the date of the movie premiering on Lifetime tonight [8 p.m.], pretty much remained mum.images (1)

timbaland_8799However, he has spoken:


AaliyahEither way, either side would probably agree that we may never get a resolution but in HD, everybody finally saw this critically anticipated Aaliyah movie (or VH1’s TLC’s biopic playing right on the heels of the Aaliyah Lifetime movie premier).

…or VH1s shade (LoL):

And well, the other “Aaliyah” (Zendaya Coleman) who was rumored to have been dropped from the movie saw it too-and had this to say (that has since been deleted):

ZendayaDeleted Tweet


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