WIZ KHALIFA Spotted Out On Sunday w/Son Sebastian, Meanwhile, After Hot Date w/NICK SIMMONS, AMBER ROSE Sad & Reflects During Morning Sun


Despite the ugly details that have emerged even since our blurbing about the breakup of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa in which Amber filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences”

…say it with me Scandal-fast:


StemmingFromAmberRoseWalkingInOnWizHaving AThreeSomeWithTwinDesigners:



DocumentsAskingForJOINTCustodyWhereAdditionally,WizWillBePayingAmber SpousalSupport




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…..there’s cuteness in all this mess somewhere: This weekend, Wiz was spotted out with his 1 year-old son, Sebastian, on Sunday-in great spirits…

Amber Rose exits from Bossa Nova with Nick Simmons and friends…(even despite rumors of Amber possibly on the rebound with Nick Simmons and having dinner at the Bosa Nova in Hollywood):













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Whether or not the date was innocent, (for publicity), or something to get a rise out of Wiz-no one but Amber knows. Either way, since the date, Amber had a little meltdown of sorts and Tweeted out to the world—the hurt she’s feeling over losing her husband and best friend:

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Shortly after Amber’s tweet (which too, doesn’t necessarily mean he saw her tweet beforehand), Wiz posted this pic with the caption “peace of mind.” Derive from that what you wish…


…but if you follow me (or read my books) you’ve read me, or seen me tweeting this one thing I feel about night and day:

I’ll take take my blogger cap off and have a real-talk moment with yous all-something you might be able to use too:

I have a thing about the morning time.

…just like I have a thing about the night time.

No matter what tears I shed in the night-time/evening, or whatever occurred in the night time hours (frivolously, joyfully, bad, or even good), I never make decisions in the nighttime hour until I wake up in the morning—decisions about how I feel about something, whether it be about love, life, loss, (or even gains).

The morning (to me) is “cleansing.”

It’s a new sun, it’s a new day, and it gives us new traces of wind in which I feel gives us the clarity to think things through that during the night time, we are given the darkness-the inconspicuousness to hide behind (whether it be our actions or thoughts)…

The night time is just NOT the time to settle on things done (or thought about) for any final answers–always wait until the morning…it is the best indicator of how you TRULY feel or should proceed-either way, we have to make use the morning hour to make peace with, or come to terms with the decision we would have settled on about our actions or thoughts that [had] gone “bump” in the night.

You ask why…? Because I tell my friends, like I tell myself: “Tell me how you feel about this/that in the morning” (when making life-changing decisions about love or life).

God (or who, or whatever ‘God’ may be for you) is “light.”

Everything we do, or say in the dark/nighttime hours is obscure…the nighttime possesses our person. We are not a full, new, refreshed person until we have broken our fast, shed our skin (like we human do at night), and we wake up to that light…That is when all final decision(s) should be made if, at night, we searched for answers about something and feel we came to a conclusion about something having to do with love or life.

Don’t truth the night-it’s not light.

Light…the new sun and new day is a bright and good indicator to gauge whether what we decided on at night, was the best possible thing…or not.


Don’t let the night-time weaken you, and equally-don’t let the night time give you strength. The truth is in the “light.” Unless and until it matched what you feel in the “light,” don’t do it, or don’t feel [it’s real] at night–any decision about love, or life.

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