Peep the Newest AALIYAH Biopic Teaser + Trailer Introducing the Celebrity-Laden Cast

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Considering all the disagreements and recasting that’s gone on during the filming the Aaliyah biopic (and especially considering the fact that it won’t air on the Lifetime channel until early November); we all probably expected a healthy portion of a teaser—and I’m sure a mere :16 second Aaliyah-like/ silhouette of teaser wasn’t enough to move or sell you on it (despite the anticipation and mounting curiosity on it being about the late singer alone).

Well, another teaser was recently released (see OSF big screen up top).


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If that’s not enough to sell you, I’ll let you in on another thing no one really talks about (as much as the Aaliyah character drama)…

images (4)taps screen Come closer:


Gimages (8)uys…an “Aaliyah” movie can’t be done without people like Fatimah Robinson, R. Kelly, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Magoo, and Ginuwine, right?
images (9)They were all in this love together at varying stages in the life of the singer, remember?

Ahhhhh. Got’cha. You remember, don’t you?

images (5)…So how ‘bout a trailer introducing the celebrities chosen to fill in those roles ‘eh?

Let’s see:

We got some Scandal heavyweight actors weighing in:

  • Columbus Short (Scandal’s “Harrison” as Timbaland)
  • Joe Morton (Scandal’s “Olivia” ’s Dad-as Aaliyah’s dad)

We got

  • Elise Neal as Gladys Knight-Aaliyah’s uncle (Barry Hankerson)’s wife
  • Jackee Harry (“Marrrrrry” from “227” and the made for television movie “The Women of Brewster’s Place”)
  • Morris Chestnut (“Rickyyyyyyyyyy” from “Boys in da Hood,” and from the movie “The Best Man” as R. Kelly)
  • Ronnie Banks (as Aaliyah’s brother Rashad)
  • Kaleena (of Diddy’s “Dirty Money” playing Missy Elliott)—she can certainly pull that one off, I can see it in my head right now!

But don’t let me do all the talking, scroll to the top to the OSF big screen to enjoy the newest teaser + enjoy the casting trailer yourself:

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