17 Year-Old PARIS JACKSON Photo’d Kissing Man in the Mirror

Make us feel old already. I mean…we’re just a few years older than her, right?

Geezel Peetes.

*wipes forehead

It seems like it was just yesterday when Paris Jackson was hidden beneath blankets, cloth, and cloaks to be kept and tucked away from the prying eyes of the cold-cold world as seen through Michael Jackson’s eyes.


Now that darling little girl is crossing over into womanhood.


(Peek-a-Boo…or however you wish to express it. She’s unveiled and out there now)



Funny how time flies when you’re having…hun



Currently standing at a tall 5.9″ today, all 5.4″ of auntie Janet might not want to try that move right about now as, even in the two short years since those shenanigans and family wrangle; Paris dun all grow’ded up y’all and love cometh down.

Paris and Chester2

Rumors were surfacing not too long ago that Paris was preggers. Although (obviously-they were just that: rumors) where there is smoke, there is fire–and well: a flame.

It’s about that time now-and no longer shielded from the world anymore, the 17 year-old heir of Michael Jackson is out and mingling with friends, family—and her new boyfriend.

Via a social media shot posted online, Jackson shared a pic of she and a man in the mirror: her new boo Chester Castellaw who plays youth soccer and football in California for “So Real Cal.”

Before yous get your sparkly glove in a bunch-do know that Castellaw does come from an affluent family and resides in a nice, comfy, abode tucked away in the hills of Beverly Hills California.

Insiders have described him as ‘an incredibly kind and sensitive young man who has been nothing but supportive and understanding of Paris.’

The source also added that Paris is completely head over heels for him-has been gushing about him constantly, telling her family members that she loves him and he is her “soul mate.”’

You know…something we all felt about somebody at 17.

We had it alllllllll figured out, remember?



Here is some footage of Paris around 2013-cheerleading-doing normal things.

Michael would either be proud, Virgo-worried, or turning over in his grave knowing this.

It’d be quite interesting to see what kind of man his (now) near-adult children would have made of him R.I.P 🙁

Check her out:

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