{Video} Dressed in APPLE Spirit Wear, DRAKE Takes To The Stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference To Talk About Why He Partnered With Them


As promised (and just in time to drop Tidal partner Kanye West a birthday present on this June 8 day), new Tidal and Spotify streaming rival Apple announced their definite music streaming service being made available on June 30th.proxy (3)

As we told you, reportedly rapper Drake was offered $19 million dollars to become a member of the Apple streaming/music service family of business.

It’s definitely true as, the rapper took to the stage today at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco where Apple unveiled their big reveal.

Dressed in Apple spirit wear, Drake speaks about why how that $19 million dollars was talking to him he partnered with Apple and will be using the “Connect” feature on the Apple Music service to engage with his fans.


Twitter aint paying him enough to talk to you guys but $19 million’ll get him singing for real!

Tap in below to see what he had to say:



In case you wondered what Spotify CEO had to say (about Apple’s news today), here goes:




…then he deleted it.