The Simple Life of Love and Hip Hop: BFF’s of Ex’s (Who Left And Kept Up With The JENNER’s & KARDASHIAN’s) AMBER ROSE & BLAC CHYNA Land Their Own Reality Show

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BFF’s Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are getting their own “Simple Life”-ish / Love & Hip Hop”-ish kinda show


…but with less the lineup of drama that simply will star the two BFF’s who [as you may well know] were former girlfriends of Kanye West and rapper Tyga.

blac chyna amber rose

Amber Rose was the former girlfriend of Kanye West (who now has created life, and a life having kept up with Kardashian: Kim) and rapper Tyga-who kept up with Kylie (Jenner).

I’m gonna turn yous over to Raquel from our TerMiteZ friends to give you the Gs. She’s like…great at explaining this. Check her out: