Workplace Warning Signs That Your Employee Needs Coaching Or Counseling + Meet A CEO Managing (Therefore-Recognizes) Both

In lieu of what happened in Virginia yesterday (back in August 2015)  some questions are being raised, dialogue is being had at the water cooler of many offices today.


Let’s face it. Everybody puts on their happy face and Sunday best when interviewing for a job while trying to get in the door—and that even extends itself to meeting new people or becoming apart of any social, or intimate setting: everybody wears a mask.

Often times, you wont see a person’s true person until a certain amount of time has gone by or some kind of situation arises that triggers something in them, other times—at random (person-depending).

Unfortunately, on the job however, unless you work in most local, state and federal buildings, you don’t always have the extra padding of security of having to get stripped down to your socked or bare foot, then frisked down to your belt hoops [in order to be granted access to offices and throughout the building].153060710

The other unfortunate part about that is………..not all local, state, and federal buildings require their employees with badges to be frisked and searched—that could be a problem.

I remember years ago having an interview for a county office department. It all went so well. A person to person interview turned to a 4-person interview turned to the excitement of: “We want you in here like: YESTERDAY” …that is…until my frankness raised the brows of some (or provoked thought of others).

After a series of tennis match-like questions, the question was asked of me:

“This is your third interview and-I’m sure you can tell right now already-you’re about to become an employee.”

I smiled.

Everyone in the room smiled.

But how did you feel being stripped down and frisked like such knowing you were most probably about to become an employee-and here for employee/employer business? (Because as an official employee, once you show your badge, you won’t have to be bothered with that,”) bragged the lady.

My response: “Well. It’s like I said earlier: That extended level of security is necessary and makes me feel safe. But just because one is an employee shouldn’t mean they/we/you…” I pointed to myself, and looked at all…

…“should bypass those security measures any different. Perhaps employee should have their own lane, but no, employees should be searched as well. Have you heard those postal horror stories? They happen.”

Needless to say, it all

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