“Smart Guy” TAHJ MOWRY Is “Bossy” – Debuts New Single January 13


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tahj_smartThe cutie from Smart Guy (twins Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housely of The Real)’s little brother Tahj Mowry is out with a new single-soaring his roots and where it all began even before Smart Guy: singing and dancing–dancing with the likes of Michael Jackson and for famed choreographer and dancer, Grey’s Anatomy’s: Debbie Allen.






Now, a cutie turned handsome man (complete with facial hair and pecs I’ll have you know) Tahj is sharing his gift and talent by of music (by which he refers to as “Futuristic Funk”/alternative) with the world-premiering a new single slated to drop on January 13 called “Bossy.”TAHJ MOWRY BOSSY

I find it brave (and quite impressive to say he least) that anyone would dare chance Michael Jackson’s Human Nature because it’s so hard to sing. It’s crisp, it’s precise, and every wordand syllable has to meet that melody. That voice has to ride the every last word in the lyric’s sentence like you’ve never heard done before.

*wipes forehead*

Tahj rocked it. Check out his awesome cover!

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