Same-Sex Marriage May Be Legal, But See What Getting Turned Away at the Clerk’s Office Looks (and Feels) Like

David and David

Although same-sex marriage has been made legal across all borders engulfing the USA, that doesn’t mean it’s so easy high-tailing it down to the clerks office to unionize your joy—not all clerks share that joy.

With the help of The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Kentucky, four couples (two: same-sex and two: opposite sex) are suing Rowan County + one of its Clerks by the name of Kim Davis for being denied marriage licenses by her recently-and say they were denied based upon her personal views.

The common joke (or reasoning for being against same-sex marriage) may be that God created Adam and Eve and not “Adam and Steve” but David Ermold and David Moore (together over 17 years) insist that David and David now have the right to ‘be.’

Despite it being legal and despite being residents and homeowners in Rowan County, together they went to the clerks office this past Monday (already in the know that some clerks were refusing to honor the Supreme Court’s ruling) but still turned away

“We could have gone to any other state and done that,” said Ermold said.

“This is where we live. This has been our home. I have two master’s degrees from Morehead State. We’ve dealt with discrimination our entire lives. That was a hard day – just walking in,” said The Davids.

Tap in below to see how this kind of thing goes down:


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