In Perfect #Formation, Just Before Her #SuperBowl #PepsiHalftime Show, Beyoncé Drops FORMATION + Were Parts Of It Stolen?



Pictured here (to the left) in Solange‘s wedding last year…in perfect formation, Beyonce is serious about this formation thing.

Officially, it was certainly toast to cliché’s of Beyonce’s alter ego “Sasha Fierce”’s past last night as she broke the Internet by spontaneously dropping her fierce, hot, new single Formation—and everybody in the digitalsphere fell right in line, rightfully so.



No longer hiding behind her alter ego or playing it safe with her Diary of Anne Frank-like letters (penning notes to toll her absence of malice about pressing social injustices plaguing black America today) via her digital short-symbolically as significant as the 1.5 million her husband Jay Z just gave to it (and others)-Beyonce gave the #BlackLivesMatter movement a symbolic visual mix of how things should’ve been:

  • A black boy in a hoodie raising his hands in a ‘don’t shoot’ stance followed by officials doing the same.
  • Symbolism of a sinking car (that just so happens to be a police cruiser) representative of the Louisiana floods that shook that part of America to the core and literal corners.





While on the other end symbolism, Beyonce give us another form of realism: Making sure to interject a little bit of “I matter”: [by] blindsiding and busting lyrical shots about who Bey, is be—in all her broken English and swag whether you like it or not.

My daddy Alabama. My Ma Louisiana. You mix that negro with the Creole make a Texas ‘bama! 

Always stay gracious, best revenge is yo’ paper.

You know you’dat b|tch when you cause all this conversation

I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros

I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils

At her every dance step, turn and stance, while many consistently plague the powerhouse singer with rumors of being a top member of “The Illuminati”-by way of kicking their own conspiracy theoriesBeyonce accused of being Illuminati Beyonce took a moment bust back at that straight out the gate—along with other social injustices (that, with an album due out, she’s much too busy to write about these days).

So she did what she does best: Put it on wax.



BeyonceInOldSchoolBeyonce LA French Qtrs shotBehind a piercing ominous incredible trap street beat produced by producing powerhouse “Mike Will Made It,” sound bytes of Beyonce’s thoughts bust by social media celeb Messy Mya, and co-written by No Flex Zone’s Swae Lee, they know better (indeed).

Set in French-Quarteresque Louisiana, Beyonce pressed stop (for a second) on her singing chops and took over where [female rappers are on pause right now].


I got that hot sauce in my bag swag

Even giving baby Blue Ivy a cameo sass of moment,


….the part Creole and half Bama with the swag of the type to carry Hot Sauce in her bag, came fully out of her shell and shell-shocked us all-revealing