{AngFrankPodcast Show}: #Control30: How JANET JACKSON’s Conquest for Control Built ‘CONTROL’ & Made Her Unbreakable

Funny how time flies when you’re having fun…

Thirty years, February 4 1986, is a long time since Janet Jackson dropped “Control” and did just that.

Many people think that Janet’s career started the moment the light shined down on her as she swung onto the stage with the producers that changed her life: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.


Janet took the world by surprise and storm when she threw down with Jam and Lewis to do the video short “Control”…live, which featured her television mom Janet Dubois who played her mother in the video as [a now] 18 year-old teen on a quest for breaking free from the comforts of home to explore life on her own—and own terms.

young love

Minneapolis-bred Jam and Lewis seemed to have plucked Janet from wad of bubble gum and grow her up overnight after her debut LP Young Love by which the world grew to know and her with her breakout hit Say You Do…



…as if somehow between the years of [her being] tween Penny Gordon-morphing into the gorgeous teen she had grown to