NORMAN REEDUS – The Walking Dead’s ‘DARYL DIXON’ Talks Fans and Daryl’s Future w/ Mens Fitness Mag


Norman Reedus / The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Talks Fans and Daryl’s Future with Mens Fitness Mag



You live under a rock if you haven’t heard of The Walking Dead—or at least know somebody who is “getting caught up” on all their Walking Dead epi’s (that they’ll literally spend an entire day watching).



If you ask pretty much any Walking Dead fan who they like or why, they almost always say “Daryl.”



TRUE STORY: (I even had a guy blush while answering that question).

Me: “Why. Why do you like him?”

Him: “Because he’s just….bad. He’s a badass. He can do anything!”



Welp, Walking Dead’s “Daryl Dixon” is played by real life Norman Reedus who, over whiskey and a few hours, sat down with Men’s Fitness to talk about