Happy #PresidentsDay ! PRESIDENT OBAMA To Delegate New National Monument

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If there was any accurate visual could best suit President Obama’s obvious, heroic quest to get things right as he prepares to peacock and swan song his way out this year, it would be this minute marker 00:20-1:57




mount rushmoreJust to name a few, with his mission accomplished on:

and right up under our noses…

…President Obama has indeed done some humane things, all the while being accessible and at eye level to the people.

That being the case, in (literal) deed President Barack was as solid as a rock.

That, all said and done, it’s no wonder that our millennial president would seek to do go where places where no one else through to his 44th presidential term in office had ever considered going and doing something none had ever considered doing:

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”V8tEZREeF1g” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”President Obama To Upgrade National Monument”]

…yep, while it’d be nice if we could a new 4-set of one these Mt. Rushmore’s-one with his face, Carter‘s, Clinton and (even Bush‘s) face engraved; he is seeking to do the next best thing: preserve prehisto ric land and U.S national monumental legacies (like ever considered before).


According to the WashingtonPost.com:

President Obama has set aside more of America’s lands and waters for conservation protection than any of his predecessors, and he is preparing to do even more before he leaves office next year. The result may be one of the most expansive environmental and histo ric-preservation legacies in presidential history.

On Friday, Obama designated more than 1.8 million acres of California desert for protection with the creation of three national monuments: Castle Mountains, Mojave Trails and Sand to Snow. The new monuments will connect three existing sites — Death Valley and Joshua Tree national parks and the Mojave National Preserve — to create the second-largest desert preserve in the world.

Learn more about this sacred land via the LATimes.com + connect with more about this story via WashingtonPost.com -brought to you by our sister site .

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