JON STEWART’S #JonVoyage Went Out With A Bang And The 2nd Highest Ratings On Television & Social Media’s Most-High Energy Nights Remarked

TORONTO, ON -  SEPTEMBER 7:  Stewart is seen at the Royal York Hotel. Jon Stewart (of the Daily Show fame) directed and wrote a film called Rosewater about a journalist who was detained and tortured in Iran after an interview on American television.  The film was shown at TIFF.

If anyone ever pitched a show idea saying: “It’s going to be a show and talk show where I intertwine, world news, politics and comedy,” the pitch-ee would certainly frown and say: “How’zat gonna work out for ya? I don’t think so.”

Well, we witnessed (for 16 years), 2676 shows-showing and proving: it worked out just fine.

Jon Stewart


Yesterday was the big day (both sad and bittersweet) that the beloved Jon Stewart of Daily Show took a bow and vow of silence going forward.

Known for uniquely being able to mix that right balance of straight-forward journalism that included world news and politics, multiplied by comedy; Stewart started and broke the mold on ever being duplicated.


Nobody could flip the channel and watch the same man place his elbow (or leg) on the desk, put a frown his brown and give serious news like Jon Stewart—(and then flip through the channels…come back to that same channel and see that same batty man chuckling it up).

He could be trusted, taken seriously, and too: he didn’t take himself too seriously.

Tending to Jon Stewart’s show was something you had to get used to because the usual is always one way or another-and no one ever mixed comedy with real world news and politics like such-that was unheard of, and quite the territory never charted—until Jon Stewart.

That said, his stand in: Trevor Noah, knows all too well: