Gone (And Forgotten) – JOAN RIVERS Omitted from Oscars Memoriam: “Can We Talk?”

joan-riversThe woman who coined the catchphrase: “Can We Talk” was obviously not only silenced by her unfortunate and untimely death, but too, in remembrance of her life.

No, the industry by which she spent pretty much all her life didn’t care to talk (or so much as remember).

The pink elephant in the room at some point takes a sh|t and boy did that happen at last night’s Oscars when the late Joan Rivers (who died just last September 2014) was obviously, purposely, omitted from the memoriam presented in front of the Academy (and the world).

Known for her sharp tongue and leaving no stone unturned, it was obvious that if the comedian felt she could laugh at herself in front of the world-then laughing at, or about anyone else was fair game. And last night’s omission left the world wondering just who might she have offended so much that her contribution and household name in entertainment in life wasn’t worth a celebration of her memory-in death.

Regardless, Joan Rivers was entertainment and lent many years too it (welcomed or unwelcomed) just the same.

Well obviously last night her memory was uninvited and many fans and others didn’t think that was too funny-all things considered (her contribution to the world of entertainment).

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