Millionaire Fashionister JAMES F. GOLDSTEIN Releases Pick of LEONARDO DICAPRIO at RIHANNA’s 27th Birthday Bash

Ever since pop singer Rihanna has been rumored dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio-the hunt has been on for she and the Wolf of Wall Street star who-throughout every supposed sighting; seems like the wall to Rihanna is blocked and alleged (rather than proven).

Just recently, Rihanna’s 27th birthday bash was held, which brought out all the stars (Beyonce, Lee Daniels, Jay Z, Paris and Nicki Hilton, Naomi Campbell, Russell Simmons, Mick Jagger, Oprah and others).


I say [the birthday bash was] “held” because it is being reported that the bash was given solely or in part by Leonardo DiCaprio in which many of her friends (and his) joined the celebration which included a 3-tier Hello Kitty cake and balloons that spelled out her name in its entirety.



With rumors swirling that the two spent Valentines Day together (with nothing to prove but the matching dirty pavement beneath both Rihanna and Leonardo’s feet-separately rather than together); the hunt for a sighting of the two (together-as a couple) is turning up.

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Well, here goes another Blue’s Clue (for the people interested in chasing pavement and putting bits and pieces of pictures and rumors of them having being seen together-literally).

Multi millionaire, socialite, fashionister and traveling NBA “superfan” James F. Goldstein posted a picture to his social media account of he and his friend Mick Jagger–with guess who (seen lurking in the distance/background of the pic?) Leonardo DiCaprio:




As well, in attendance at the party was L.A hotspot night club owner exec of Club 1OAK whom were here is the real “mystery” guy dating Rihanna: Richie Akiva.



Since I know better… we’ll just place all that right there for guys to keep playing As Your Heads Turn, and we’ll keep it moving.

Have a nice day.

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