Buzzing: Is 5x Grammy Award Winning Singer LAURYN HILL a 1st x Time Granny?

‘Unsure what the balance held’ when she ‘touched her belly overwhelmed’ by what she ‘had been chosen to perform.’ When that angel came down one day, and told her to kneel down and pray, for unto her a man child would be born.

zion and lauryn

Oh that ‘crazy circumstance’—(and nearly 17 years later), Grammy Award winning artist Lauryn Hill probably never thought life would be repeating itself such that she’d be nominated: “Granny.”


Well, according to gossip site Crazy Days and Nights, a blind item that had been hanging in the balance awaiting the official “solved” stamp since May 27 states:

Well, not even a party in her honor goes exactly as planned. This former A list singer who also acted in movies a long time ago has had problems over the years with the law and her fans. At a party in her honor this week, the singer threw the girlfriend of a son out of the party and accused the girlfriend of getting pregnant on purpose for money. Quite the scene.

SOLVED: Lauryn Hill


(I should know a thing or two about Lauryn’s “Lost One” as, it earned itself a mention in a book I wrote (pp. 154-158).

No pun intended (and not saying “Lost One”‘s lyrics were sang while kicking