VICE To Premier HBO Special “Fixing The System” & President OBAMA’s Crusade To Fix Punishments Outweighing Crimes


Being egalitarian, I pretty much care about what’s best for the greater good of all involved-first. Unfortunately, being the president of a country, still, with Congress and other political entities that often times have a say of ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ (even over a president’s signature) when it comes to a leader of a country, I feel the egalitarian approach has to be among the top the list of orders of business as, running a country that’s chasing and only caring about money while luring, soliciting, and/or causing all things that building up, tear up and down to replenish and get it may be good necessary to some degree, but often times, that focus (only) can leave a great majority out here in the world to fin for itself [in ways and up against forces they are not even equipped to go toe to toe with-regardless the will, effort or basic human right].

Whatever we feel about President Barack Obama the bottom line is, while upsetting some, he has taken the time to consider and go where many all presidents before him never have, will, or dare. It’s just not a concern.

In case you haven’t been up on things, President Obama has been on a crusade to touch down into the practices of prison systems in an effort to have examined these overcrowded institutions  (of business) detaining people for [quote] doing stupid things [end quote] versus literally violent criminals.


Although he’s not advocating a slap on the risk to people who do-do “stupid things” however, his concern has been punishments far outweighing crimes.

Airing September 27 on HBO and hosted by VICE founder (Shane Smith), “Fixing the System”–a special on the criminal justice system in the US, will air, documenting President Obama’s tour of Oklahoma’s El Reno Federal Correctional Institution where he visited in July and met with inmates and prison officials.

Check out the trailer:


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