He’s Just More Into Him: 4 Online Habits That Say He’s Not ‘Boyfriend’ Material

With something as seemingly quick and instantaneous as a “pic,” research studies have proven that the invention of the “selfie” has lined the pocket s of many-a-plastic surgeons over the past five years than ever before, and although women are lining up-so are men.

Let’s face it, despite the fact that we may have 50,000 followers or online ‘friends’-the fact of the matter is (as much as some of us would like to think): all 50,000 people are not looking at us, what we are posting or talking about–perhaps 1% or at best: 10%-that’s the reality of it all.

But the fact over that matter is: regardless, you will still be seen by more people online in a day’s time than you will in the day of your life’s time offline. That’s just a fact-across the board.

With than being the case, more people are going with the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore, are putting their best finger and filter forward when snapping that selfie—men included (regardless our relationship with them: our men, brothers, unless, dad’s etc).

It’s an altogether different thing when your boyfriend is a selfie queen. What could this mean?

Here’s some tips from our friends at Shape Mag.

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4 Online Habits That Say He's Not Boyfriend Material

Even if you didn’t meet your last love interest online, chances are you did some cyber-snooping on Google or his social media accounts. And why shouldn’t you? After all, if he’s anything like the rest of us, he spends hours each day on these sites. How he portrays himself on his online accounts may say a lot about how he is in real life.

Case in point: Guys who post tons of selfies on Instagram and Facebook tend to have more antisocial personality traits like narcissism than those who post fewer self-snaps, according to researchers from Ohio State University.

He Repeats Himself
Specifically, you notice he uses one word over and over: “I.” “I’ve counted men using it almost 60 times in a little ‘about me’ section!” says online dating expert Julie Spira, author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating. Of course, it’s hard to describe your likes and dislikes without using the first-person, but if every post, status, and comment starts off with “I,” it’s a sign that this guy is a little self-centered.

He’s a Donnie Downer
“When you ask someone, ‘How are you?’ you want them to say, ‘Fine, how about you?’ Not, ‘Horrible. I’m still getting over the flu, and my dog got sick, and my boss yelled at me…’” explains Spira. If you’re interested in a guy, she suggests scrolling back and reading his last several status updates. All negative? It’s a sign that he’s a glass-half-empty guy in real life, too. Tread carefully.

He’s Too Upbeat
But an overload of joyous, celebratory messages should raise warning flags as well, says Spira. We’re all guilty of the occasional humblebrag-y Facebook status or ultra-filtered Instagram. But if the guy you’re interested in never seems to turn it off online, he may be inauthentic in real life, too, warns Spira. “While people may portray themselves to be a bit happier than they really are on social media, there should be some balance.”

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