ROB KARDASHIAN Compares Sister KIM As Murderous Character in the Movie “Gone Girl” Then Unfollows Entire Family

“Birds of the same feather flock together…” is what my mom always told ME.

And although Rob Kardashian is a Kardashian (by sir name) the male Kardashian has never really been in the spotlight [chasing it, or making practically every single superficial sacred part of his life] the world’s business—still, fact of the matter is: He is a Kardashian and he can’t change that. So guilty or innocent [this move he just made] still, it is by association [despite his socially media disassociating himself from his Kardashian family].

Having said that, if unfollowing your entire famous family means you can change that [in that] it’s a divorce from your family of sorts; then Rob Kardashian just did that.

Robs IG

All things considered: The fact that the social media is the Kardashian life line and that without its invention, their late famous/OJ lawyer dad’s 401k plan and other benefits left to them would have run out a long time ago, and the monies in exchange for the attention you’ve paid for keeping up with the Kardashians would have certainly been elsewhere. I assure you.

Rob Kardashian is a different breed of Kardashian however.

One thing he is known for is his emotional social media posts (that he later deletes) but as of yet: he hasn’t deleted his most recent rant in which he compared his sister Kim Kardashian to the protagonist (the woman in “Gone Girl”) but stating [quote]

“This is my sister kim , the b|tch from Gone Girl,,,”


Robs IG Gone Girl

One thing the Kardashians do have a talent for in the social media culture is doing pretty much of anything to nothing for something that all adds up to keeping their name in your mouth and eye view that increases their popularity and income. So this all very well be yet another Kris Jenner-by-Design round-table discussion to try something new with the Kardashian ploy, premeditation, and paradigm.

Because if you have seen the movie, then you know that Amy Dunne (the other woman in the picture-from the movie) was a psychotic murderer and unless Kim Kardashian’s gots some dead bodies stashed away that she has yet to Instagram us pictures of, we can only assume he is comparing his sissy Kim’s recent blonde locks [or the that in addition to the resemblance], perhaps Kim’s social media career success in premeditation-manipulation-deliberation-personification as a ‘talent’ is as murderous as the character and perhaps she’s “gone” [mind gone]?Kim_GoneGirl

*Kanye shrug

Who knows.


This all could very well (too) have to do with the fact that his closest sister (Khloe) recently made a statement last week while hosting a party at 1Oak I Las Vegas where she talked about Rob suffering from social anxiety [quote]

“I just feel, especially over the last year, Rob has become very introverted and has a kind of social anxiety. He’s definitely not at his happiest place that he once was, and I know he can get to that happy place and he will.”


In the past, Rob has suffered weight and relationship struggles and ridiculed publicly and Kim has come to his defense.