Mercury Retrograde+Full Moon+Lunar Eclipse Oh My! Come Watch The SUPERMOON LUNAR ECLIPSE | Also: Find Out What You May Not Know About The Moon

my published book First Things First: Discovering Your Karma Mission & Purpose in Life , I teach my readers about how to discover their own creative or professional purposes in life (best professions) by use of their individual birth placements’ sun+moon+rising (zodiac) signs  and the signs OPPOSITE those signs whereby, it is through our rising signs that (as per our birth placements) our purpose in life is found.

That is how I discovered mine and your are watching me live it as I write/”communicate!”

Feel free to see the


astrological algorithm I used to HELP YOU FIND YOUR VERY OWN KARMA MISSION AND PURPOSE IN LIFE to either:

  • Lead (or)
  • Organize (or) 
  • Communicate

Since the moon is the “star” this September 27, 2015 evening, as well in the book, I’ll share with you, the excerpt where I have a good, short chapter in there about the feminine moon’s mystery (ruled by the zodiac sign of Cancer).


At your leisure, click the links (in bold) to check it all out while getting prepared and keeping it festive by rocking to our jam Full Moon by our girl B-rocka a.k.a Brandy (below) and atop the OSF big screen-by listening to one of my favorites: Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler (back on Page 1 of of this post).