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KIM KARDASHIAN: I Put My Guns Downs on Her And Why You Should Too.

She called it a long time ago and said she simply wanted to be famous. Period. And well, she is-no…


Friend Request Intercepted (Excerpt Drop 1)

Lucky or cursed, malefic or manifested, ironic or destined; this is one such that I can only say that sometimes we cross paths with people by which there are lessons to teach –and lessons to learn (by both parties involved). Sometimes spirits connect because one or both have something to work out for themselves and often times, that work just can’t be done alone. Some people work out things for themselves through art—or their art imitates life.


Between the Lines: Letters from a Boy to a Girl When He’s in Love

(Taken from the pages of “Angie Situation (INNOCENCE)” Book One of 3 in the Angie Situation series / 3-book trilogy) “One…