{AngFrankPodcast Show}: Negating “Negativity” and Where Most People Are Wrong About Where It Stops

There is more than one kind of negativity.

Typically, the one we often talk about and have a gazillion same stories warmed over on is that ‘1.’

That ‘1’ is the judging and finger pointing the ‘negative’ rather than taking it a step further in a positive direction to do something about it.

We all have the tendency to think that being ‘positive’ means one thing: the ability to point it out and separate ourselves from it.

The REAL positive is the mission OF it: The opportunity to create useful conversation of a wasteful emotion, thought, action or feeling.


a) Them: “I hate this class/meeting/session and it always sucks.”

You: (Rather than walk away or grow tired of repeated pessimism or their ‘negativity’) you ask: “Well tell me what do you suggest to make it better?”

…That forces people to be held accountable for what they think they feel.

b) As well, hold yourself accountable for what you think you feel, too. Whatever you deem ‘negative’ by your own judgment/perception/authentic view or experience of the person or situation–force yourself to answer yourself. Often times, when force ourselves to evaluate our own thoughts and feeling, we can determine if the person or situation is ‘negative’ or a negative experience–or if it’s just us.


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