Lessons on Not Fighting Fire with Fire: How Reacting Unexpectedly Yielded Unexpected Results For One Guy

hold them open for the students to pass through…no conversation, rhyme, or reason…he just…did it.

“Not many people hold doors, right? But after that, people started to open up to me. Opening a door is more than a physical act, it’s about putting yourself out there, getting to know people, making them feel comfortable, making them feel welcome. Opening doors gives people hope that people care.”

Before the cheers came the sneers, giggles and awkward moments of people wondering just what in the ‘ache e double hockey stick’ would make this loner and uninviting blocker with pics torn down in his locker-decide to repeatedly do such a kind, noble and undeserving gesture without warning!

Well if we were to look at the situation as a metaphor, that open door was something that happened to the guy himself: The beginning of opening that door opened up avenues in his own life that he never entertained the thought of being so: Public speaking—a stark contrast to being a loner okay with playing alone!download (10)

Now, is he loved by all those who (thought they hated him but just wanted ‘in), but like walking through that door: They were in…walking in to a school (literally) yes…but little did he know, he created a welcoming space that in turn, worked for, and felt good to everybody!

Eventually, he was made prom king and quite popular around the school. And in turn he tends to speaking engagements to speak to other kids about the story, and who too, are (or were) just like him.

What an awesome story stemming from an unexpected reaction that yielded unexpected, yet phenomenal results—for the guy.download (11)

“I would have never thought he would be a public speaker because he had been so shy. But he took to public speaking like a duck to water.”

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