Is MADAME TUSSAUD Solely To Blame For Their Wax Museum Stat of NICKI MINAJ Being On All Fours? Let’s Weigh in

“Nicki Minaj” for over six years now, and “Anaconda” (the video by which the wax museum was inspired) only owns about one year of those six-but that one on her hands and knees is now made forever engraved as who “Nicki Minaj” was to popular culture (over the countless others “Nicki Minaj” poses with colorful wigs, and exaggerated facial expressions and all things “Nicki Minaj” that Madame Tussaud could have gone for).

Having explained that, a sense of “understanding” came over me too, as, no matter how “deep” go we want to jump on the bandwagon today (now that it has hit the news that the museum is having to oversee to a rash of derogatory selfies being taken with behind the wax figure of Nicki Minaj down on her hands in knees),


…the fact of the matter is, Madame Tussaud is merely mimicking what we parade around as a part of a package deemed the norm for popular culture today-and to the extent and extreme that those that aren’t even packed in the back are willing to go out and buy one and possibly die getting one (and seek other “weird” alternative methods to get one).

That being the case, Madame Tussaud is just as wrong as they are not wrong.

And although I’ve heard Nicki Minaj didn’t know until afterwards; I don’t believe it.

I highly doubt wax figures of these celebs go up and put on display without being drafted on paper and sent over to them for their final approval. That’s not smart or good business. Who would waste that kind of money on a wax figure that a celeb did not approve of?

Don’t blame Madame Tussaud (completely) for objectifying the stereotype of the black women and going all historical-Sarah Baartman on them.


Even before Madame Tussaud got behind this thing; popular culture itself ignored being “objectified” like Sarah Baartman so why should Madame Tussaud follow suit?

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