{AngFrankPodcast Show}: SHARK TANKS’ BARBARA CORCORAN Dispels the Trite ‘Like Mind’ Theory

Awesome information coming your way that too, dispels some of the things we’ve held so near and dear as being the truth, the light, and the way: that ‘like’ minds was the key to anything being everything and the only thing.

Well in case you had dreams of appearing on Shark Tank or looking for tips on your next business/elevator pitch in search of an investor, let me give you a piece of information business woman and investor [Shark Tanks’] Barbara Corcoran looks for:

  • Two (or more people) people (versus one sole proprietor)

According to Barbara, the odds of success is greater “5-fold” because two vastly different personalities with opposite abilities—both which are good for a company or business.

She says while she may not believe in the cliché “opposites attract” for the sanctity of marriage, she does believe that in business, it works phenomenally.

Side note:

Hey…I’m thinking either she or me—and my personal thoughts about marrying with the thought in mind of marriage being a “business” first (over marrying for love or lust)—is the key to a sensible, long-lasting happily ever after (when the foundation is built on something stronger than 1st hand or “at first sight” emotions)-(like how I explain at the very bottom of this other blog)

In considering all that, I think Barbara was on to something and gave up some good advice here that rearranges our trite train of thinking [with regard to being in search of ‘like’ minds in our business endeavors].


Gem of information in 1:49 .

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