South Carolina Officer Michael Slager Charged CHARGED WITH MURDER For Shooting Unarmed Man WALTER SCOTT, Yesterday

CCEYSn1WEAE9f1GSuddenly the police chase atop the OSF big screen doesn’t seem so funny anymore.

All things considered, I guess that video is the analog/dial-up/rotary phone/grass roots-type of way to capture your suspect…..considering the hell below:

Amateur video captured North Charleston, South Carolina Office Michael Slager using his gun like one would throw rocks at somebody fleeing  —shooting an unarmed South Carolina man (multiple 8 times to be exact).

That man WENT by the name of Walter Scott.

Although no footage has surfaced yet depicting what happened beforehand, the unedited video surfaced yesterday-showing the man being shot to death as he was running away.

It’s said that the officer was heard saying the [obviously dying victim], Scott, took his Taser.

As if you finally captured your suspect after having thrown a few rocks, Iiiiiiiiiiiii have no idea why one would tell someone to put their hands behind their back after shooting them multiple times in it…but, that certainly occurred-I did hear that.

Check out the footage while I roll the tape again in search of the Taser being taken and seen in the victim’s hand:



As of this morning, we found out that although the F.B.I and Justice Department have begun separate investigations, THE OFFICER HAS BEEN CHARGED WITH MURDER (after review of the bystander video).

So that means I can stop looking for the victim stealing the officer’s Taser now, right?