Rapper PLIES Gets Fanhandled – Body Slammed into the Audience Last Night in Tallahassee Nightclub As His Security Looked On

It was like a scene Straight Out of ……………….New Jack City—where the friend enemy that claimed to have your back is really there to “infiltrate yo’ Carter”:



(If you don’t know anything about New Jack City, just scroll to the top of the OSF big screen to check it out after you read this write up).

At any rate.images

Rapper “Plies” (a stage name short for “supplies”) is notoriously known on social media moreover [and longer than he was a popular rapper on top radio].

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As well, the self-proclaimed “Goon” (and religi-pop’s Kirk Franklin lookalike) is also known for giving online hood sermons of sorts:


As it turned out however, a “fan” (obviously) sought to treat the popular rapper just like “Sweet Pwussy Satday”-Saturday (last night April 3) at Tallahassee nightclub Club Coliseum– in Plies’ own stomping ground of Florida.

As reported, the  unruly fan was initially escorted out of the venue by club security until instructed to allow the young man on stage for his verbal reprimand regarding his behavior.

From the looks of the pics, the awe-inspired fan is looking as if he is actually happy to be standing face to face with Plies receiving the tongue-lashing but obviously, somewhere in there-things went awry and the fanhandling began:

From there, the two men exchanged words after Plies complained that the fan was too close to him (which is where Plies’ security should have made things more “secure” right? I know, right?).



Footage swarmed around the Internet today where Plies’ homies (under the guise as “security”) certainly wasn’t their brother’s keeper last night–as they looked to be more curious to see a possible beat down about to occur than they were concerned about the rapper’s safety.

Before quick got ready (and in his best Wrestlemania face-front half-nelson), the fan proceeded to lift the rapper off his feet, take him down off the stage and tumbled into the audience while yelling: “COLOR MONEY!”



Here is footage of the entire incident from start to finish:



Shortly thereafter, the fan uploaded a video telling his side of the story, claiming that he has always been a fan of the Bust It Baby rapper but felt that he was publicly disrespected by him and reacted accordingly.



(Plies replies—claiming that the club actually didn’t have security …which imPLIES THAT with Plies’ security seen on the footage on stage still, the fan most probably beat himself up. Hey, that’s possible, I do that to my own self sometimes :/ besides…I saw no club security either–just Plies’ security…standing there…enjoying the brawl 🙂)…

At any rate.

Plies also had a message for his homeboys (slash) “friends” (slash) “security”  who was everything short of supplies on security on his behalf last night: