Quick Healthy Fitness Routines That Can Be Done Right From Your Desk & Chair



Many Americans work 9 to 5 and often times (given morning rituals and other hustles and bustles before having to punch the clock) do not have the time to head to the gym or out for an early morning run.

But did you know there are some simple exercises you can do while sitting at your desk?

Although they seem ineffective and small-scale (as compared to a great, grand workout or run) the fact of the matter is: it works (just like climbing the stairs versus taking the elevator).

Exercise where sweat is broken and we’re out of breath isn’t the only effective exercise and because of that usual/typical/visual, we tend to not find value any exercise other than that. But when we look at it that way, we typically won’t get any exercise in our day at all! But once we look at it in terms of  ‘little bits of somethings is a whole lot better than great big nothings’ it makes more sense (and too, can be applied to anything).

One good way to find value in these kinds of convenient [and seemingly complacent] workouts is to understand that our bodies have thousands of muscles and muscle tissue throughout it and even (as a facial exercise) when we scrunch our faces and let go, or even so much as smile-we are working thousands of muscles in our face, so imagine the different parts of your body getting that treatment.

That said, that’s pretty much how we have to look at doing these seemingly useless exercises that fit our schedules and lifestyles. It’s a positive way to look at it (so as to find the value and plus in it).

So without further adieu, I’m going to turn you over to these videos for some tips on these convenient exercises that can be done straight from the desk.