Never Before Released Details Of BOBBI KRISTINA’s Death Emerge, AUNT LELOAH Posts Open Letters Since Funeral, BOBBI KRISTINA’s Brother BOBBY BROWN Jr. Rejects Attention Gained Since Her Death

any words of mine in that-either way. It was just…unbelievable and unexpected (to say the least). Other than a peaceful homegoing for that baby, it was very disappointing me to that I saw no “rest” in it and quite frankly and was only expecting to report the “peace” and instead, there was no peace. There were so many reports flying around, I didn’t even know where to start.

With reports swarming around about some desire to have a “Sweet 16” funeral, Aunt Leolah kirking out at the funeral on everybody and having to be removed by Tyler Perry, and since then, someone shopping an actual casket picture (aside from the pic of her laying lifeless while in Hospice), much has gone on, up to and including (on August 6) Aunt Leolah taking to her Facebook account to clear up some of the confusion while explaining all is not over just yet:




One thing I did find admirable beyond belief (considering today’s attention-starved climate at all costs, conveniences and regardless of tragedy) is that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s brother (even despite him being an aspiring artist) has zero interest in capitalizing on the attention of his half-sister’s tragedy for his name and fame. I find that