..Meanwhile Amid TAYLOR SWIFT and NICKI MINAJ’s Big VMA “Video of the Year” Award Stink, RIHANNA Steps in and Premiers New Perfume: Pss Pss



While you (and I) were away, things continued to heat up between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift who (as we told you earlier), is seated comfy and snug as MTV VMA “Video of the Year” contender by which Nicki feels her “Anaconda” and bottom has earned and therefore, owed a spot.

Nicki asserts that (as per the powers that be) Taylor’s nom for “Bad Blood” over her “Anaconda” is culturally biased versus merited.

Things got heated….

…followed by a lil’ unfollowing and more:

Their wrangle (which ended up including a couple of fans + involving Ryan Seacrest) was shut out by a deletion of her (Taylor Swift)’s own tweets in an effort to bow out gracefully while Nicki continued to speak her peace. Ryan eventually deleted his replies too.



Meanwhile however, Rihanna stepped in-in the middle of the big stink to put out there; a promo ad photo for her new perfume (“RiRi by Rihanna”) coming soon…




P.S. Though…

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I’ma let you finish, but:

Perhaps a repeat of the same?