LINDSAY LOHAN’s Digital Disasters Done in 1 Day: Tweets Then Deletes Use of the ‘N’ Word + Build-a-Butt Photoshop Faux Pas

Tweeting and deleting never goes over too well as, no matter what-somebody online will always beat you at that game of “Fastest Finger.”

Take Lindsay Lohan for instance who attended Paris Fashion Week and caught up with Niggas In Paris rapper Kanye West. Low and behold, Lindsay must have gotten either a little too excited and inspired when she tweeted out lyrics to Kanye’s new song “All Day” which included [use of the] ‘N’ word.

Lindsay Tweet

Although she tried deleting the Tweet, her fingers just weren’t fast enough.

A rep for Lohan expressed that she is a friend of Kanye’s and too, did not mean to intentionally offend anyone. In a humble attempt show the world that regardless our sexual origin, religion, or race, we are all the same underneath it all, Lilo posted this meme to express just that.Lindsays post


As well, Lohan was blasted across the Internet for having posted a side-view pic of herself by which she let us all in on her artistic side (somewhat).

Via the badly Photoshopped pic, Lohan adorned herself with a slightly rounder bottom, but what was behind her stole the show:Lindsay

…blurry lines of Lohan proving she aimed, she tried, to sculpt and lift a$$ but it didn’t go over aROUND too well.

Cheeks. Eeks.