KYLIE JENNER Slammed for Being in “BlackFace”

Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner found herself in an Internet wrangle when she posted pics of herself in what (to some) looked as if she was in “blackface.”


Although the pics closely resembled the photo-finishing reminiscent of R&B group TLC on their Fan Mail album (rather than “blackface”) the fact that Kylie was dark in the face was insult enough (I’m assuming).


“This is a black light and neon lights and neon lights people let’s calm down,” she explained.11098360_839843289432181_1576702894_n 

The 17 year-old was just recently the subject of a social media hailstorm when rumors swarmed that she was dating 25 year-old rapper Tyga, who was rumored to have left his baby’s mom Blacc Chyna for [Kylie].